Frequently asked questions

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What is unique about A.S Business Center mentors?

We match you with executives who have already experienced the issues that you are faced with as you develop your business or career, rather than applying an academic or theoretical approach to developing your skills. Our mentors share with you the lessons they have learned so that you can develop your business acumen and avoid mistakes that could inhibit your business or stall your career.

How do we start the mentoring process?

We will meet with you to understand your requirements. We then contact a suitable mentor and outline your situation. We arrange an introductory meeting between you and your mentor at no cost to you. If both parties are agreeable to the mentoring program we document the terms, conditions and rates in a contract and commence the program.

Why do I need a mentor?

A mentor offers advice and guidance on matters that have to be experienced, rather than taught in business school.

What could an entrepreneur need a mentor for?

Entrepreneurs seek guidance from experienced businesspeople for advice on issues such as:

  • Defining and implementing a business strategy
  • Format and composition of the Board of Directors
  • Negotiating significant transactions such as an acquisition or refinancing
  • Addressing technical topics such as compliance, tax, legal or risk management
  • Preparation, or presentation, of financial statements
  • Providing peer networking
  • Attaining growth for your company
  • Time management
  • Attracting, developing and retaining the right employees
  • Improving employee morale
  • Building self-confidence
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing presentation skills
  • Strengthening “soft skills”
  • Providing an impartial second opinion
What could a manager need a mentor for?

Managers seek guidance from experienced businesspeople for advice on issues such as:

  • Identifying why your peers, and perhaps even your subordinates, are being promoted ahead of you
  • How to be perceived as a leader in your organization
  • Developing your networking skills in order to establish business contacts both inside and outside your organization
  • Time management
  • Balancing technical responsibilities with your other responsibilities
  • Managing your team and/or relating with your peers
  • Improving employee morale on your team
  • Working with senior management
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing presentation skills
  • Strengthening “soft skills”
  • Providing an impartial second opinion
What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?

A coach is an instructor who improves performance on the job. This typically consists of training, instruction, support and immediate results. Coaches generally have the same background and education as the client. A mentor is a role model who provides guidance with your career or business. Mentoring is based on education, experience, inspiration and long-term development. Mentors may have different, and therefore unique, qualifications that compliment the guidance being provided to the client. Mentoring can be similar to coaching; the relationship is up to you to define. What is important is that you benefit from the wisdom of a knowledgeable and experienced individual. For example, a mentor may work with you to prepare a business plan while other mentors are retained for a few hours every quarter to provide advice for upcoming board meetings.

My boss is my mentor; why do I need A.S Business Center?

In our experience there can be several impediments to a mentoring program based on the employer/employee relationship. Your boss is primarily concerned with addressing on-the-job performance and is focused on shortcomings in skills and knowledge. Guiding your career requires a different perspective and approach. Effecting the transition from boss to mentor can be a challenge as your boss may lack the time, experience, objectivity and impartiality required. You can’t choose your boss; you do have a choice in selecting your mentor.