Accounting & Tax Services

A.S Accounting & Tax Services is our bilingual accounting firm dedicated to providing you with all the accounting services and counseling you need to excel on the Canadian work market or become a successful entrepreneur.

IT & Website creation

You need to be visible on the web. We can help you.

Website creation – Web marketing – Maintenance – Support – IT consulting

Online Personal Loans

Loan Connect is Canada’s search engine for private loans! They are the first online agency to provide Canadians with access to instant approval credit from a number of providers. Their safe and secure systems put the consumer first and their technology enables…

Marketing & Management

  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Business management

Education & Training

The Know-How is our learning center. Its mission is to help you acquire and perfect key competences to excel in the Canadian market or become a successful entrepreneur.


In addition to funding up to $ 30,000 for eligible Francophone businesses/entrepreneurs in the Southern Ontario Region, the Southern Ontario Economic Development Initiative (IDESO) offers up to 20 FREE COACHING hours for eligible businesses and entrepreneurs in…